The Beginning!

Your Facebook NewsFeed can finally relax, because I will no longer be clogging it with my (always random, sometimes useful) ideas and information that seem to pour (sometimes drip) from my A.D.D. (loosely diagnosed) brain!

It should be noted that my husband is not the least bit supportive of my new blog. Or perhaps, it is just HIS inability to express emotion before noon, and MY anything-is-possible-when-you-wake-up-at-5:30-and-begin-ingesting-stimulants-attitude, that currently prevents us from seeing eye-to-eye on this matter. Despite  his (somewhat warranted) fears which have him convinced the purpose of my blog is to humiliate him and ruin his family’s good name, I assured him this blog is most certainly NOT about HIM (and to further convey my message, I serenaded him with a verse of, “you’re so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you”)… RATHER,  it’s about sharing my GENIUS (also loosely diagnosed) IDEAS WITH ALL OF MANKIND (mostly womankind).

So I know what you’re thinking: How lucky am I to have just stumbled on this genius blog?!… Or let’s be real, if you’re reading this, you’re probably MY MOM (Hi, Mom!). Either way, I plan to share all those random and ridiculously good recipes, home improvement ideas, adult crafts, kids crafts, home decor… basically any and all of the “this makes me so excited I’m about to pee my pants” ideas I stumble upon! Hopefully, you will share your “pee your pants” ideas too!

By the way, I wanted to clarify something… not all (or most, for that matter) of the random and potentially useful ideas I post on HeyTryThis (HTT) originated in MY brain. Often times at work (directing a childcare program) or through my random internet searches, I stumble upon a lot of other people’s ideas. Some good, others horribleeeee… but I never know unless I try them. LUCKY FOR YOU, I have tried all of the ideas I post. So if I’ve posted an idea, it’s because something about it (either its super tasty, super cheap,  easy,  fun, unique …etc.) completely blew my mind!!! Sooooo, consider yourself lucky. Now, ON WITH THE SHOW…


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