3D Foam Paint for “Big Kids”

If anyone tries to tell you that you can’t make lovely expensive-looking art (I’m talking TJ-Max and Ross worthy!) using Shaving cream and White School Glue… SLAP THEM SILLY AND SHOW THEM THIS:

Yea, okay…. it’s not that great. I messed up. Got angry….and its been sitting amongst other half-done projects and craft clutter in my spare bedroom (which also houses a shrine to my husband’s high school baseball career).

NONETHELESS, if you’re into painting (and you don’t have to be a good painter to create good paintings!) then you should definitely try using the recipe I posted for 3D Foam paint! I used it to create fluffy whimsical clouds and textured wild flowers:

Like I said, I messed up and will probably never finish this painting… note the bottom left corner of the painting. I tried to paint non-3D stems over the 3D puffy flowers… obviously, this does not work. I probably could have recovered from this blunder and finished the painting, except I’m stubborn as a dirty mule.

But you can learn from MY mistakes and experiment on your own. Try using different ratios of shaving cream, glue & paint.


One thought on “3D Foam Paint for “Big Kids”

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