Paper Hydrangeas (aka Frilly Balls?)

These are 2 flowers glued together to form FRILLY BALLS!

Whether they are truly deserving of the name Paper HYDRANGEA is up to you. Maybe you prefer to think of them as Paper Frilly Balls?

REGARDLESS, they’re fun to make (at least I think so!) and can be used in a variety of different ways. Decorate gift boxes, attach to hair clips, or…

Spruce up an existing centerpiece!

Just keep in mind: Paper + Fire = Yowza!

Attach  to napkin rings, or attach the flower to wire and create your own ring!

Please pardon my horrible napkin rolling skills 😦

Get festive…make some decorative garland for the Holidays or your next party!

To make this, hot glue two hydrangeas together over ribbon, fishing line... etc.

Make a “flower” arrangement!

Yeaaa... obviously I just stuck those in there for the picture. But you get the idea!

… SO, are you a Hydrangea-FrillyBall-Fanatic yet?!

I COULD sit here and type some very detailed how-to instructions, complete with photographs & witty captions. OR, I could spare myself the trouble and pass the job on to someone else!

Just CLICK HERE, and if those instructions don’t do it for you, there are also a lot of how-to videos on YouTube that show you how to make these lovely little darlings.

If you try the link and you try the video instructions and you STILL can’t do it… give up. OR, find your crafty-est friend and have her (or him?) make it for you! Just smile your prettiest smile and politely say to them:  Hey, Try THIS [and give it to me when you’re done!]…”


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