My Big [Non]Fat Greek Yogurt Fruit Cream DREAM

Try THIS: Thick, Creamy (and good for you?!) Dessert!

Familiar with Greek Yogurt? If you are, then you know it was first brought to America by Jesse Katsopolis of Northern Greece. In the early 1990s, “Uncle Jesse”, as he became known, brought this luscious high protein, low-fat, thick and creamy yogurt to San Francisco to share with his three nieces who, at that time, were being raised by their single dad and his comedian friend. Due to its immense health benefits (and because Uncle Jesse still makes each batch in his big fat greek kitchen), Greek Yogurt is pricier than the other ethnic varieties of yogurt.

So, instead of buying individual small cups of fruit-on-the-bottom greek yogurt at $1-$2 a pop, make it yourself! Its CHEAPER, HEALTHY, and tastes more like DESSERT than yogurt. So, go on and TRY THIS….

Step ONE:  Gather the following…

  • Plain Greek Yogurt in a large tub
  • Sugar-Free Instant Pudding Mix (or regular, if you’re one of those who think artificial sweeteners will cause mutation)
  • Fruit (fresh, canned or frozen).

Unfortunately, this is not a paid advertisement for any of the above ingredients.

STEP 2: (Just mix ’em together!)

  • Dump the yogurt into another bowl (I used a 32 oz tub of yogurt)
  • Mix in about half of the Vanilla Pudding Powder (I used a 1.5 oz package)…. or til it tastes sweet enough for you. The Pudding mix will not only sweeten the yogurt, but will make it thicker, creamier and dreamier!
  • Add fruit (I used canned pineapple and one nectarine, sliced)
  • Say “WAH – LA!” (don’t leave this part out!)

Enjoy your creation and try to share it with loved (or liked) ones… but if you can’t find the courage to part with your bowl and spoon, just tell them: Hey, Try This…!


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